Increase Training, Course, and Mastermind 
Completion Rates By 3X - 10X
Use the Results Breakthrough Network's innovative system to create Accountability Partnerships among your staff members, students, or mastermind members... That Increase Completion Rates by 3X - 10X!
Accountability Partnerships Are The Most Powerful, Economical, and Practical Way To Get People To Complete Training Programs...
While Also Creating Good Will and Making A Positive Impact Throughout Your Organization
Are You Responsible For Deploying Corporate Training?
By offering accountability to your staff using The Results Breakthrough Network, you will increase completion rates and retention because using accountability partnerships work. 

As soon as you pair up your course members, they help each other get through their training so they can acquire the skills and knowledge you paid for. It's the most economical way to deliver valuable motivation to finish getting started and it benefits your company, and your clients.

You can deploy our SaaS platform right inside your own training portal and get started fast!
How Does Results Breakthrough Actually Work?
Use your current curriculum to create your accountability questions for each module, or design a set of questions that makes your product more valuable.

We then upload those to our system for you and send out an invite to all your members. You explain you are creating accountability partnerships for everyone to get their questions answered, work through your program or training, and succeed at a higher level than before.

Once each member creates a profile, they can search for someone to pair with and start working together.

The whole process takes just a few minutes to get going.
What Happens When They Meet?
Your staff, clients, students, or members in the program meet over the phone with the Results Breakthrough system on their respective screens.

The system synchronizes their screens, moderates the session questions, prompts them for answers, and moves them through the entire process.

To begin, the first partner acts as a moderator asking questions to the second partner. Then they switch roles.

When they are both done, all they need to do is enter their stats for their Key Performance Indicators and they are done for the week.

The result? They cross the finish line and their course work every time!
Why Keeping Track of Stats Works 
After each session, your clients, members, or students enter their stats. Week after week, session after session, the system collects all their KPIs and create graphs and charts to illustrate their progress. 

There's nothing better than proof in the form of real numbers that prove their progress and justify their next purchase.
  • Charts or Graphs: Choose how to see your "stats" any way you like.
  • Change The Layout: Change the format by simply clicking a check box.
  • Compare And Contrast: Quickly get a visual image of how well you're doing, spot trends, cycles, and take action to correct problems.
  • Change The Labels: Every person's stats can be whatever they care about. Every stat can be named exactly the way you want. 
  • Track Anything: If it's revenue, sales calls, or calories and steps, your members can track whatever is important to them.
How To Get Started
Decide To Take Action
If you had to pay for a coach to guide every one of your clients through your process, you'd go broke.

Instead, think about the questions you need to ask each person in your program to help them take the next step,

Make a list, break them up into "modules", and you are ready to go.
Connect With Us!
Provide us with enough information to have a great conversation, schedule your meeting, and we will contact you at the time you specify to answer your questions and get you going.
How Long Does It Take?
From the day you sign your contract, we need approximately 48 hours to create your custom portal, set up just for your clients.

Then, we schedule a training session where we lead a short meeting and onboard your group.

We provide all the tech support and answer any questions to ensure a smooth startup.
What You Can Expect
In just 4 weeks of regular usage, you will start to see a more enthusiastic group, more completions, deeper relationships, and a feeling like you finally have a powerful community of members and friends. 

And that's just the beginning.
Give us a call at (508) 343-0003 or drop us an email at
 How much does it cost to get started?
Depending on the size of your group, you can get started for about $5 per person per month
 Can we match up our own people or do they have to search?
Either way works. Simply search for the person you want, or assign people to work together; they enter a person's email address and find them in an instant, connect to set the date of their first session, and get started.
 Can my members/clients meet only on specific dates and times?
We have a built in system of invites and calendars but your members can go to their Dashboard and connect any time they want, as much as they want.
 What happens if I want a private label version just for my organization?
You can get a fully branded version with your logo, colors, and key fields just for your company. There is a small 1X fee involved in customization. It generally takes one week to configure and deploy for your group.
 How long is our information kept and is it completely confidential?
All your data is backed up every day and stored for as long as you are a member. We never, ever share your members content, ever. We don't even have a way to see it. It's stored in an encrypted database and only visible to your members/clients when they access their dashboard.
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